As announced in our last newsletter, we are delighted to release the date and more details about the next IADNAM Masterclass. This class will take place on January 20th, 2015 in the Aisling Hotel, Dublin.

Facilitator: Ms Shelia Mulcahy, Accredited Facilitator and Coach

Sheila has been engaged in Learning and Development all of her professional life. She is a fully accredited facilitator and coach, having trained extensively in psychology, NLP, transactional analysis, psychometrics etc. She has coached senior managers in the hospital setting and has developed numerous programmes for teams in Healthcare, from the senior executive boardroom, to the most important place, where all our focus is needed ‐ the bedside. Apart from Healthcare, her clients also include Financial and Legal Services, Hospitality, and Retail.

See below brochure for more information. Download brochure (PDF).