We find that no matter where we are in our careers, there is knowledge, experience, mentoring and support in every grade and generation of nursing and midwifery.”

The Planning Group want your help. At a recent briefing meeting, it was clear that a multi-generational future is possible. “We would have way more access to lots of different views and perspectives”“We might be less constrained by a culture that seems to work on having to ‘wait your turn’ to be the leader. We could all be that difference that makes the positive difference wherever we are.”

Therefore we have decided to host a one day event that will explore this question in detail.

If our ambition is to be a profession where people of all ages and experiences are constantly learning, growing and re-inventing their roles in response to changing attitudes and care, what do we need to do that what is different.

So please come and join us prepare for this future. We expect a minimum of about seventy people from different areas of nursing and midwifery. We extend this invitation to our nursing and midwifery students, and have also invited some ‘friends’ from outside the health professions, to ensure we do not overly focus on what we think ourselves.

Expect the day to be fast-paced and fun but with a very serious focus and intent. We are using the services of Dr Liz Hayes and Margaret Barry from Corporate Community, who have a particular expertise in supporting organisational learning and action from large group dialogue.

 Get the date in your diary and we look forward to seeing you !

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                     Thursday 30th April 2015

                     10.30am to 1.30pm

                    (coffee and registration from 10.00am)

                    Hilton Hotel, Kilmainham Dublin 8