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Annual membership
only €50
Membership is an annual Payment

Annual membership + Conference fee
only €300
Membership is an annual Payment
Conference fee
only €250
Conference only.


  • Network and Peer support
  • Access to expert professional support
  • Access to executive and leadership masterclasses
  • Opportunity to attend the Annual Leadership Conference
  • Opportunity to be involved in IADNAM subgroups.
  • CPD certificates for all masterclass events and an annual conference.
  • Opportunity to be nominated to HSE and DOH national working groups
  • Involvement in research and policy sub-committees


Membership is open to Nurse/Midwife Leaders wishing to provide support, guidance and encouragement to individuals in post or to other organisations and wishing to learn and enhance the IADNAM goals and activities. Such Nurse/Midwife leaders should be actively engaged in substantive management and leadership roles.

The membership year commences on the 1st day of November and is valid for 12 months. A person becoming a member or Associate member of the Association after the 1st day of November in any year will be required to pay the full annual subscription in respect of that year.

Associate Membership will be open to those who will be in an acting role for 6 months or longer. Associate members are eligible to attend all bi monthly meetings, AGMs and conferences. Membership for associate members will cease once the substantive post holder returns or the post is filled and the members’ role ends in the acting position.


In the event that any member shall cease to be a member prior to 31st December in any year that member shall not be entitled to any rebate of the annual subscription paid for that year. In addition to annual subscription fees individual members will incur additional costs for such programmes such as the annual conference.

On retirement or resignation from a post entitled to membership, such membership will cease automatically and the Secretary shall be notified in writing.

In determining applications for membership IADNAM is a non discriminatory Association. However in the event of the removal/non retention of the person from the register of Nurses maintained by An Bord Altranais (ABA) the Executive may remove a member’s name from the Association.

Ongoing membership is determined not only by fees being paid for the membership year, but by continuation in the role and retention on the Register of Nurses maintained by ABA.

Officers, Executive members and general members may from time to time be requested to act as IADNAM nominees/representatives on various working groups, committees or task forces which advance the voice of nursing and/or midwifery or the role of Nursing and Midwifery Leaders, in shaping and determining policy and practice which are in accordance with the values of the Association. These representatives in so far as possible will be linked to the area of expertise required.

Irish Association of Directors of Nursing And Midwifery

IADNAM is a network of midwifery and nursing leaders from all disciplines, established to develop, promote and support excellence in healthcare, in partnership with recipients, professional practitioners, regulating bodies and policy makers.

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